Sunday, January 02, 2005

Good bye 2004, the worst year i ever had

i thought i would write this blog and if it encourages one person to keep going forward then i have succeeded. My mom went into the hospital March 5, 2004 and she had her right leg amputated. She was getting better until she was found in her room one morning in respiratory distress , she was near death but she fought back. She was a true fighter. Then she got gangrene in her left foot and they cut part of it off. She was always in good spirits. they said again she would die so they sent her to a nursing home to die at age 64 with gangrene. When she got there the doctor said it was inhumane for some one to be in that much pain and sent her to a different hospital and they strived to get her stronger so she could have her left leg cut off. She survived that and was in great spirits and on the rebound until one morning a nurse was giving her an Iv and gave her too much fluids and she drowned in her own fluids in her lungs and she was gone just like that, my best friend in the world, my rock , my supporter.
I am disabled myself from the 1st Gulf war. i went there healthy with no medical conditions , no preescriptions except for birth control-LOL. i got sick in Saudi Arabia and it was downhill ever since. You name it , i have it and its all from environmental contaminants, 20 vaccines, you name it. Its a challenge to keep going but whatever happens to set me back, i keep striving forward. and thats what you have to do if you are reading this looking for some reason to keep going.
More tomorrow,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,stay tuned.

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